Events Rules and Regulations

We inform participants that 15 days before the event, the number of persons you have communicated to the salon becomes effective. After this time in case of cancellation, who will not participate will still have to pay.

The exclusivity period of the hair salon depends on the number of persons and event,
for what concerns the events organized at our salon
1 to 5 persons: the salon is booked for about an hour and a half
5 to 9 persons: the salon is booked for about 2 hours and a half
9 to 15 persons: the salon is booked for about 3 hours
15 to 20 persons: the salon is booked for about 4 hours
in case of delay of more than 15 minutes the exclusivity period of the salon is unchanged.

Ordered theme kits, gadgets and props must be collected and balanced.

The cakes are ordered at a trusted pastry shop, that imposes the prices. You will receive the purchase receipt at the moment of payment.

It is not permitted to bring from outside into the salon any kind of alcoholic, non-alcoholic drink or food.

A trusted bar prepares food and drinks in order to ensure hygiene and the best presentation and service.

You may communicate any case of intolerance, allergy or problem at the time of the reservation in order to allow us to satisfy any request.

The Limousine service reservation involves an initial deposit you will pay directly to the car rental agency.

For large groups we ask you the payment of a deposit.

This is a pre-evening proposal, an entertaining event with friends in a salon which is located on a street with adjacent apartments; therefore you are invited to have an appropriate behavior.

Thank you for your cooperation.

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